Quarantine tips and life-hacks to keep you sane

self isolation and quarantine tips

It’s officially April, and it feels like all the days and months are starting to merge into one. What a crazy time we are in, with “self isolation” and “quarantine” added to our new and most used vocabulary not to mention trending hash-tagged words.

I have been self isolating for quite awhile due to being very much pregnant (months now). Trying to keep a routine of some sort and make the most of being contained in a sterilized bubble. Thankfully we have all been healthy and happy in the household.

For those of you who are struggling a bit with staying sane or calm in all of this chaos I have a few tips and life-hacks that may get you through this time.


Practice breathing exercises, I know it seems like a no brainer to breathe but we all have the instinctive reaction to hold our breathe in times of distress. Take 10-15 minutes to settle and control your breathing with a few exercises. You can google away to find your favorite guided breathing exercise video or audio. The information is at your fingertips for change. I will add my favorite exercises as well. When you control your breathe you can control how you react and respond to your surrounds much clearer and level headed.


Allowing your body to release the built up tension it tends to absorb is key to feeling good. Get up and get active! I promise even if you are 9 months pregnant like me, you’ll feel a hundred times better once you’ve released a bit. I’ve posted a quick guide on “How to relieve stress and anxiety with 6 easy yoga poses” on my instagram back in the beginning of March.



We often fill our minds with so many questions, worries, and tasks that may put us into overdrive. When we are then forced to stand still and idle we realize how much we cram into our mind to fill a void so we don’t have to deal with the forces at hand. Now that the entire world has been put in a long-standing “timeout” some of you may notice your anxiety, panic, worry go through the roof. Mediation may have been something you have wanted to try but “just never got around to it” “too busy to find the time” “wasn’t for you” “didn’t need it” well… here is your chance to reprogram your thinking and try something new.

For those of you who are new to it, you will find you have spent the entire 30 minutes of mediation trying to quiet your mind that has come up with thousands of things you haven’t done, forgot to do, might have done wrong, need to start, found the best comeback to the last fight you had, or remembered your high school locker combination. That is completely fine! Those things needed to be addressed and washed away, each session after that gets easier, soon you will find yourself in total peace for the entire 30 minutes and maybe even more. Directing your focus right before the mediation session gives your mind one focus which will make it much easier and beneficial when you do quiet the mind.

Set an intention each time, it can be the same or different. If you want clarity on a business decision focus on that, if you want peace in your heart focus on just that, and if you want to be here and now.. present in that moment ask yourself to do just that.

Get creative …

Pull out your creativity hat and start creating, weather it’s painting, drawing, DIY or redecorating your living space. Let your mind expand and allow your imagination to soar. Writing also allows you to release whatever it is that has been weighing you down. I’ve been known to write out my worries and what ifs on a piece of paper, then burn it to ashes as I let it all go. Make the time for YOU now that there are no excuses not to. Pick up that pen or brush.. hammer away at your next creative project. Get on Pinterest and follow through with some of those DIY ideas you’ve pinned for that “one day”.

I will be posting more of my favorite tips as the weeks progress. If you have any you’d like to share please leave them in the comments section. I’m sure we’d all benefit from them!

Stay safe and healthy! Be kind to yourself and others. At times like these we really are hit with the reality of what and who really matters in our lives.

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