Will i be deleting my website? Why things are changing..


Before I start giving you all a panic attack, I will answer the question you all are wondering… No I will not be deleting my website… but, a lot will be changing.


I just wanted to give you all a bit of an update. I know my blog hasn’t been consistent and here’s why:

A lot has changed in the past few months and instead of completely deleting my website and starting fresh I thought it would be a good idea if I used this as a way to stay connected with you all and give you guys a bit of the behind the scenes, inside scoop on what I’m working on.

Some of you know I used to work on music …about a million years ago, and even though I said I would never do it again, life happens and you meet people who make you see the light in every dark hole. So … I will be sharing some of the behind the scenes.. work in progress music that I am creating, these will be solo projects and collaborations with various artists.. and of course that is including my boyfriend Talon Reid.

Clothing line hasn’t disappeared guys I’m working hard on two separate lines so please be patient. again this will be the first place you want to look if you are curious to know how its going. ill be sharing my process with you all.

Among all of that I will be filming for a good portion of the end of the year and new year on a TV series and of course you will know about it once I can release details. I will be sharing some on set BTS moments on my favorite live video streaming app PEEKS so if you haven’t downloaded it yet please do! my user name on there is .. you guessed it BLACKRABBITBABE

Traveling is big on my agenda coming up and I will be sharing photos, videos, and more.

Last but not least… I know I’m probably forgetting a few other things but I will add if I remember.
Videos, I keep getting asked to do Youtube videos which I’m really not good at but I will do a trial run and see if I am worthy of the Youtube world.

well until next time kids, I love you all! and thank you for being patient with me, I appreciate each and every one of you!