Which Sports Shoes Look Stylish And Look After Your Feet?

Which Sports Shoes Look Stylish And Look After Your Feet?

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Asics Nimbus, like the Kayano series, is yet another standout example of why Asics continues to be such a big player in the running shoe market. The Nimbus has always had comfort and a weighty feel at the heart of its design. The cushy nature of the Nimbus, complemented with a lot of gel to help shock absorption, sees it provide a smooth run for any user – despite being a heavy shoe.

The Asics Nimbus 17 Is A Must For Runners Of Any Level

The Nimbus is set up for runners who experience neutral pronation (those who run in a way that evenly distributes weight around the foot whilst running). The Nimbus provides new updates in the form of improved durability, further cushioning and a better fit – meaning that your running experience will be a dramatically happier one. In particular, the effect of the improved cushioning is most notable in the forefoot. It also includes Asics’ renowned FluidFit construction to the upper part of the shoe – as well as reduced weight. 

Whilst not the choice for runners or athletes who are looking for speed performance. It is a great choice for those who are cross-training, running, or using for casual purposes. If you’re not sure where to begin with your exercises, you may want to look for a PT who uses Truecoach for their client services. You can read this review of Truecoach for more details.

Asics Nimbus running shoes work brilliantly on road, tracks and gravel and is applicable for any normal or performance testing. If you are looking for a shoe that can go the distance, then this is probably it. The design, while perhaps not being the best-looking on the market, means that it negates foot fatigue and the force of shock. If comfort is high on your list and you are just looking for a general running shoe then this is probably exactly what you would want.

Finding Cheap Asics Nimbus Shoes

When it comes to looking for cheap Asics Nimbus shoes, or any cheap running footwear, then the best thing to do is to look for the last iteration in a series. While it may not have all the new features and details of the current trendy versions, it is likely that it’s not far off the specifications of the current iterations. Earlier versions of the Asics Nimbus shoes is no exception – and, in fact, it is still very well-thought-of in comparison to its younger sibling. It offers outstanding comfort and cushioning that helps give a fantastically plush ride and offers outstanding bounce which helps cushion the foot through until it is pushed off the ground. The earlier version also offers exquisite forefoot flexibility and the Full Length Guidance Line means that the user can run more efficiently – even when suffering from the effects of fatigue. 

What About The Design Of Brooks Glycerin 12 Running Shoes?

Brooks Glycerin 12 running shoes are market leaders because of their unbelievable levels of comfort and optimised pressure distribution. However, while the technology behind the running shoe is obviously imperative to ensure safety and optimal performance, this doesn’t mean we should ignore style. 

All runners recognise that they need to protect their feet and choose shoes that will fit like a glove while also offering any array of innovative features. But we shouldn’t have to compromise on style to achieve this. If you are spending money on running shoes, you want to ensure they look good; after all, you will be wearing them regularly. Luckily, the Brooks Glycerin 12 sports shoes also offer unbelievable levels of style, so you won’t be disappointed. A lot of people love this range in terms of design because you have everything from vibrant styles to more conservative options. If you want to stand out, the red, orange and black Glycerin 12 shoes are a good choice. The shoes are primarily red, with splashes of orange towards the rear, black laces and a black inner, and finally a green logo. 

The black, green and blue variety of this shoe are sleek yet have vibrant highlights of green and a turquoise sole, which ensures they still stand out from the rest. Perhaps one of the most unique colour combinations is grey, lime and orange, with the neutral shade being brought to life with bright highlights. Finally, if you don’t like the idea of mixing various colours and want something more sophisticated, the blue Brooks Glycerin 12 shoes are ideal, boasting stylish yet subtle hints of silver. 


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