We made a human!

It’s no secret I’ve been carrying around a little human in my belly for 9 months!

Time has certainly flown by, I can still remember the day I found out that I was pregnant. Luke kept telling me to just take a test and in my mind I just kept thinking “ no I couldn’t be” but after being more than a week late in my period and feeling a little nauseous I went out and purchased a test. When I got home I immediately took the test and then went outside to get my cardio with some jump roping. My method of distraction while the test fully absorbed the answers. After 25 minutes I came inside to find the results… Positive, okay so now what? I thought.. turning to google go find the stats on how many false positives occur with these tests.

After a few days and phone calls to friends I went back to the store to grab another pregnancy test. After what felt like an eternity (10 minutes) I checked the test .. In bold letters read Pregnant.

Fast forward 9 months and here we are! No more swelly belly! Our son decided to make his debut March 26, 2020 almost two weeks early of his due date.

Welcome to the world! At a time when the norm is staying home and our biggest task is going to the grocery store safely I am so full of joy and love for this little man! Bringing some new life and purity to our family. Don’t get me wrong I worry a lot about his health and safety, we’ve been taking every precaution to make sure he is in a clean and healthy environment. Quarantine with him hasn’t been so bad minus the lack of sleep. We find ourselves just staring in “Awe” at this little perfect human we’ve created.

We decided to sit down with you and talk all about the pregnancy as well as labor and delivery in our new video on The Models Diary.

Watch it now!


The Models Diary

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