The McCord List Champagne Photoshoot

Goody, Blush & Whimsy, Copper and Crane, Skindinavia, Imani Collective


This was my first time attending

“the McCord List”, what a beautiful– well put together event.

As Rey and I arrive to La Peer Hotel, where were greeted, checked-in and asked to sign a photo release form. Ahh yes the event did say “photoshoot” on the invitations. In the back of my mind I had a little bit of excitement and a little bit of fear. I had known about this event for som

e time but in the midst of moving I forgot to lay out some outfits specifically for the event. (next time 😉 )

Champagne was placed into our hand as we entered the room, a beautiful faux grass background with white flowers accentuated became the Spotlight for all pictures. Rachel greeting us and gave us the need to knows about the brands and beautiful ladies attending. Soon follows the group pictures! I will share those once I get a copy, I feel I am going to look like a deer in headlights in most of them. Seeing as I forgot to eat the entire day and became a walking zombie towards the end, SAVED by Gracias Madres again. lol

What a beautiful place to host an event, I added that one to my “places to return to” list. Seeing as I am in the middle of moving and most of my things were packed, the outfit I did manage to put together ended up matching the background to our group photos.

I didn’t stay long enough to really talk with all the ladies who attended the event but they were all so very sweet and I really love what Rachel is doing. Beautiful community.

Once the group photos with all the products had completed it was time for each brand to talk about their product.


What a GOODY BAG! — I mixed and matched mine to fit all my hair needs!

The new hair ties are so secure and comfortable and their design doesn’t pull out your hair. Scrunchies are back and I love the new styles Goody has.


Now Blush & Whimsy is my absolute FAVORITE NEW PRODUCT!

The Beauty in the Beast inspired lip sticks are a childhood memory sensory overload! The designs are beautifully done, and the scents are like walking into your bedroom as a child, takes you back immediately.

The company hires disabled people (which they like to term “different abilities”) through Adalante– a non-profit which helped find jobs for 80 people with “different abilities”
Blush &; Whimsy – take the magic with you!
This brand is from New Mexico! My Hometown!
Clearly I am totally obsessed with all of it! But the Rose inside really tops it off!


Another company giving back is, Imani Collective which is a global social profit organization with a vision to see people rise above poverty.

Helping Single, widowed ,disadvantaged and disabled women in Mombasa, Kenya and surrounding areas.

Here is a skin care product thats got you covered from Primer to Post care.  Skindinava

The Makeup Finishing Spray, The Makeup Primer Spray, Post Recovery Spray

Last, I’d like to share Rachel’s Book which I am excited to snuggle up with a glass of wine and read real soon. What a beautiful event can’t wait to share the next one with you.