Super Easy ‘Filtered’ Skin Tricks Anybody Can Use

If you want to achieve a filtered skin look with makeup but you’re not sure where to start, there are a few really easy things you can do to get the result you want. Read on and you’ll get a good idea of how to get that filtered look in real life: 


  1. Make Sure Your Skincare Is On Point 

You can’t get away from it; if you want filtered looking skin, then you’re going to need to master your skincare routine. Here are some pointers:


  • Know what your skin type is and use products to suit it. Start simple and add products in slowly so you can be sure they agree with your skin. 
  • Use a face wash to take off makeup, not micellar water or wipes, as they leave makeup on the skin. 
  • Double cleanse, especially after wearing SPF/makeup. 
  • Use a targeted serum to improve your skin over time. 
  • Ensure your moisturizer is suitable for use under makeup. 
  • Don’t forget to apply SPF in the day even during winter to avoid premature ageing and skin damage. 

  1. Pick Your Primer Carefully

Once you’ve applied your moisturizer and left it a while to sink in, you should apply a primer. You don’t necessarily need a primer, and some are better than others. If you really want to give your makeup something to grip on to, then gel primers can work well. Whatever you do, don’t use ‘mattifying’ or ‘pore filling’ primers, as they are bad for the skin. 


  1. Apply Foundation in Layers 

When it’s time to apply your foundation, do so in thin layers. Doing it in thicker layers is a sure way to get a cakey, uneven look. Use less than you think you need only in the areas you really need it. You can add more if you need to, but there’s no need to apply it like a mask. 


  1. Use A Wet Sponge 

A wet sponge can help to distribute your foundation evenly. It’ll give you a dewy look, and as you pat it into the skin, it’ll make it look more like your own skin. Using a brush can work, but it’s often harder to blend it out evenly. 


  1. Use Concealer Sparingly 

You don’t need a lot of color concealer to get a filtered look. Less is definitely more! Use it in dots on the outer corner of your eye and blend out. Some people don’t like to put it right in the inner corner and underneath that area, and it can look better. 


  1. Only Use Powder Where You Really Need It

If you’re comfortable with a dewy look, you may not want to use powder at all. However, if you have oily skin, powder may be a necessity. A mineral powder can be good for this, but again, use it sparingly!


  1. Apply Setting Spray 

Finally, spray on a good setting spray. This should help to bring your entire look together and make it look more natural, as well as setting your makeup for the whole day. 


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