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6 months ago
Shopping Covid Style

I know we are late but another video is now live on YouTube

We thought we'd take you along with the fam shopping Covid style. With 2020 being a year of lockdowns, obsessively washing your hands, face masks and social ...

7 months ago

New video on The Models Diary YouTube channel

Today we take you on a family trip to Farmer Teds. We felt it was time to show Zay some animals! What is your favourite farm animal? As always guys, please l...

7 months ago
UK vs USA (Mouthful) CHALLENGE *Part 1

FINALLY!! We dropped a new video on The Models Diary! 📔

WE ARE BACK with another video for you guys! It's taken some time but we've filmed a 3 part UK vs. USA challenge. We know you've been patiently waiting for t...

7 months ago
Vote for Deserae Rose

Only hours before the top 10 for Maxim are picked! Now is the time to cast your free vote through Facebook! Any after that are only $1 (10 vote minimum so $10) LETS GET TO ... See more

To be on the cover of Maxim Australia and take home $10,000AUD!

7 months ago
Photos from Deserae Rose's post

We made the top 15! Thank you to everyone who voted! Now we have 6 days to make top 10!! Everyday you get 1 free vote when voting through Facebook! Get the daily votes in! Only $10 for 10 votes and ... See more

7 months ago
Vote for Deserae Rose

Cast your votes now!! You get one free vote when using Facebook!!

To be on the cover of Maxim Australia and take home $10,000AUD!

10 months ago
Signup for free account - IGBurst

If you’re looking to grow your audience on Instagram or manage your account and business accounts I’ve found one for a great price, plus I was able to contact them to give you all one month free ... See more

IGBurst - Auto Post, Schedule & Manage your Instagram Multi Account

10 months ago
Steve Trujillo's funeral and memorial fund organized by Michelle Fresquez


This definitely has been a rough couple years for my family. To add to i… Michelle Fresquez needs your support for Steve Trujillo's funeral and memorial fund

11 months ago
Zayden, 2 months, is registered for Bidiboo’s photo contest - Win up to $5,000

Cast your votes for baby Zay ❤️

Your child is the cutest? Like Zayden, register for free on Bidiboo and win up to $5,000! ❤

11 months ago

Video is Live!! Watch now!

Our very first challenge! This is the draw on my back game. Where you have to guess what the other person is drawing by feel only. Tune in and see who wins! ...

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