Shaking Up Your Fitness Routine

Shaking Up Your Fitness Routine

Embarking on a new fitness routine gives you a challenge and something to work for. But when your workouts indeed become ‘routine’, it can start to become dull, making it difficult to stay motivated.


There are a lot of things you can do to help you stick to your exercise routine, including working out with a friend and finding solutions to your excuses. It also helps to keep things fresh, so you continue to feel challenged and motivated.


Ready to shake up your fitness routine with a little switch in method of activity?

Take a look at some of the following ideas and get ready to make some changes.

shake up your fitness routine

Take a class that really challenges you

It’s easy to fall into an exercise rut and sticking to the same types of activities could leave you feeling bored, and could be hindering your progress as well.


Taking a class that really challenges you will keep things interesting, and will help your body become even fitter and stronger. A HIIT workout can help you work up a sweat while completing some difficult exercises. And because they’re designed to be a short, intense workout, you can easily fit one into your fitness routine to keep things fresh. 

Add stretching and flexibility to your routine

Exercise isn’t always about working up a sweat. You can build strength in other ways to help you improve your balance and flexibility – qualities that can boost the rest of your activities. 


Some stretch and flexibility sessions can help aid muscle soreness and can provide a slower pace compared to your more intense sessions. Taking yoga 101 is a great way to master the basics, helping you learn some effective stretching techniques in addition to the mindfulness benefits of yoga. Low-impact exercise like yoga can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, adding a different change of pace to your routine.

Set yourself new goals

Setting yourself some goals can help you stick to your exercise routine, but it’s important to keep setting new goals to make sure you stay on track. Setting small, achievable goals can mix up your routine, while making sure you don’t stick to the same old exercises and equipment. Why not try something new each week that will push you to keep going? From adding an extra mile to your run to trying a new piece of gym equipment, you can find a lot of great ideas to keep your fitness routine varied.


If you’re short on ideas, there are some amazing 30-day fitness challenges that can give you something new for each day of the month. 


After months of sticking to the same fitness routine, things can become stale. But by finding ways to shake things up, you not only keep your routine fresh, but you’ll also keep pushing your body and mind to help you become fitter and stronger, for an overall healthier you. 


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