The Power Couple


Male height is 18 cm
Female height is 15 cm

Candles are made from Kerasoy
Wick is Hemp
Dyed or natural
Scented or non scented


Luxury Handmade Candles

Designer inspired scents
Cruelty free
Eco friendly

*PM for custom orders
Please note that some of these candles are made to order and can take a couple of days to cure.

These are the Largest hand-poured Kerasoy wax candles on the market!
Each candle is handmade and may be some variations and perfect imperfections to each making them unique in every way.

Whether you choose to admire it as living room conversation piece or a bathroom staple there is always that perfect gift for a loved one.

If burning your candles, note that they should only burn for 45 mins at a time – total is 8hr burn time
*You should always place a candle tray or dish when burning.

Additional information


Naturale, Stone, Mint, Lavender, Midnight, Sunset, Caramel, Coffee


Male – Aventos , Female – La Vie est Belle

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