Pop Culture Spin Interview

So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and things are about to change!

Here is an interview I did with Pop Culture Spin.

Deserae Rose has a stunning presence on camera that’s sure to make an imprint on your mind. Beyond her photo shoots as a model, though, Deserae is also a widely talented soul who ventures into multiple fields. From designing to acting and more, she isn’t afraid to push her creative limits. Check out my interview with Deserae below and give her social media accounts a follow.
Pop Culture Spin: Deserae, thank you for joining Pop Culture Spin on this interview. To begin, how would you describe what makes you unique as an individual?
Deserae: I have had an interesting upbringing as well as events in my life that make me mindful and appreciative of everything in this world. I am also a bit of a tomboy believe it or not.
PCS: When did you originally get your start as a model and how has your experience been in this line of work so far?
Deserae: I actually never thought about modeling, I always wanted to be an actress. When I was 14 I was approached to do pageants and from there I was asked if I would model. My experience modeling helped me find my identity and I liked the fact that I could tell a story in a single photo. I am an artist and creating art in every form is everything to me.
PCS: Are you striving for any specific look/vibe in your photo shoots or do they differ on a case by case basis?
Deserae: It’s definitely a case by case basis but I will not involve myself in a project if the vibe isn’t right. I’m big on energies, doesn’t matter what the pay rate of a job is I won’t be a part of it if I don’t feel the connection.
PCS: Some know you as “Black Rabbit Babe” because of your website and IG handle. What’s the origin of this term and what does it mean to you?
Deserae: It started off as a inside joke. Majority of my friends growing up were all guys and they always asked me “why don’t you introduce us to your hot girl friends I know you have them” the honest truth is I didn’t have many girl friends and I always felt like the black sheep… But when I tried to express that to the guys I mistakenly said “black rabbit” it made sense that I would be a rabbit rather than a sheep and it became a nickname. It grew from there and I finally made it official by changing my IG handle from my name to BlackRabbit but it was already taken so of course I added Babe to the end of it and it grew bigger than I expected. I now have a website with the name and also a clothing line.
PCS: How would you rate the response people have had (both the nice ones and maybe the haters also) to your modeling work?
Deserae: Thankfully I have had little negativity towards my modeling. I am confident in each photo I create and post. I am a free spirit and I feel I can portray that well through the images. Each photo tells a story and has emotion, even if I’m naked in it.
PCS: Your Facebook page mentions that you also do acting and designing. Is it ever stressful managing the variety of projects you take part in or do you feel you manage your time successfully?
Deserae: I am a restless person and it’s necessary to channel all of my energy productively. It is very stressful but if my life was easy I would probably be a bit destructive to be honest. I design clothing, model, act, and recently got back into singing (as a hobby of course). I know my purpose on this earth is to create and that’s what I will do, in any industry.
PCS: The “Desert Babes” picture on your IG page of you and Raciney taken by Johnny Cinematic is possibly one of the coolest pics I’ve ever seen. How did this come together?
Deserae: Well first off Johnny Cinematic is an amazing photographer as well as a good friend of mine and when you bring together good vibes and great people amazing things happen. We drove out to the desert to shoot Hippy Thug clothing and the actual photo of Raciney and I was almost a candid shot, we were taking a break and it was Johnny who walked by and took the shot.
PCS: You seem to have a strong pulse in the fashion world. Has fashion always been an interest of yours even dating back to earlier in life?
Deserae: Since I was able to dress myself I had my own style. My mom couldn’t buy anything unless I was there to approve or I wouldn’t wear it. I matched every article of clothing down to my hair tie or bow in my hair.
PCS: Being a fashion conscious person based in Los Angeles, what are your go-to places when it comes to finding new outfits/adding to your wardrobe, and is LA where you’re from?
Deserae: Honestly for the most part I try to design my own clothing or I will go to Zie Boutique, on the rare occasion I venture out to new places but I mainly support my friends in the industry. I recently moved to LA about 7 months ago, I was living in Arizona but I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
PCS: Since I’m sure some of your followers will be reading this, can you share any aspects about your personality or things you’re interested in that most people don’t know?
Deserae: I was in a 9 year relationship up until 8 months ago. .  I love Lil Wayne! And I love to be unattached in nature. At least once a month I disappear to the mountains to center myself. I am a bit of an introvert, oh and.. I’m not a fan of water.
PCS: Feel free to interpret this as philosophically or as simply as you like – what does the future hold for you?
Deserae: The future holds fulfillment and purpose.
PCS: Thank you again for the interview – I hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us at Pop Culture Spin. Lastly, where can anyone interested connect with you online?
Deserae: Twitter is my favorite to interact with people. But my website BlackRabbitBabe.com has all Social Media platform links. I am also doing YouTube videos again so I’m excited to share with everyone what I’m working on.
Here is the link to the entire interview.  POP CULTURE SPIN INTERVIEW WITH DESERAE ROSE