Matching Vegetables With Hearty Soups

Matching Vegetables With Hearty Soups

Everyone loves a bowl of hearty soup! It’s the best lunchtime meal in winter when it’s freezing outside and you want something filling, warming and delicious. But what kind of vegetable and therefore, soup, should you go for? If you understand the flavor of the vegetable you’ll understand what kind of soup you should try.


The humble potato


Potatoes are one of the best ingredients for a soup. There is the potato puree soup which is a French recipe. Then there is the potato and leek recipe which is pretty much eaten around the world. You can throw in some smoked ham or roast chicken and make some a little more chunky.




Perhaps the most well-known vegetable for soup, aside from tomatoes, is mushroom. Mushroom soup on it’s own is great, especially when you mix it with some herbs and cream. But, you can have it with brie or cheddar, making it a cheesy mushroom soup.


butternut squash


The famous orange soup is butternut squash. It’s great on it’s own or with some real butter. Equally, according to Small Batch Soups, it’s great with Riesling or even ale. Mixed with a refreshing beverage like these, you can enjoy a nice mix of flavors. 




Split pea soup is not always made of garden peas although they can be thrown in. it’s a very earthy soup, which is why it would go well with a rustic loaf and or some chunky vegetables like carrots or white beans. 

Do you have any favorite soups?



Matching Vegetables With Hearty Soups

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