I have a one year old

I have a one year old.

Saying it out loud is mind blowing! I can’t believe he’s one year’s old. I remember the night I went into labor with him, the next day taking him home. He could barely fit in his carseat he was so tiny.


I have a one year old
little man loves to read


A year in a blink of an eye. Lockdown baby. 2020. Coronial. What a time to be born. The one highlight of 2020 is that Luke and I were able to really spend the year focusing on Zay. Learning to be parents. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I ever saw this day coming… I would have said “No Way!” Here we are with our kind, funny, clever little man and we couldn’t be more in love with him.

The love you feel for your child is like no other. Your heart is literally walking outside of your body.

Creating a life never looked more magical. At one his personality is shining, he walks and babbles in his own little language with the occasional words he’s picked up. He now identifies ever inch of square feet he walks on. Curiously putting anything he finds into his mouth. A reminder that the world is full of wonders and we are born a blank slate ready to absorb all of its magic like a sponge.

He’s ever changing and ever growing, with each video we post on YouTube I am sure you notice how quickly he is growing and learning. Raising him with as much knowledge and love, with the reassurance that he can do anything he sets his mind to.. and to be honest I think that part he already believes without our help. Our little Aries baby.

I can’t help but stare at him when he naps next to me an think about how his nana and papa would absolutely adore him, as he would adore them. They wanted to much to be grandparents. It’s a bit of a shock to the system from time to time to really sit back and realize they’re both gone. Zay is so blessed to have his grandparents from Luke, they’re so amazing with him and he loves them so much.

Being a parent was last on my list of things that I would ever become and he’s really made me love it. The process itself is exhausting and incredible. I guess if you love what you do its not that big of a deal how much sleep you get because running on 4 hours of ¬†broken up sleep has become the norm.

He’s a determined little nugget who’s been walking since he was 9 months, drinking out of normal cups and water bottle, chatting a dozen words and non stop baby gibberish, persistent on feeding himself and among other things he never took to a dummy (pacifier).

Our beautiful, smart, and kind little soul.

We love you more than every atom that makes up the universe.


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