How To Stay On Track When Eating Clean

How To Stay On Track When Eating Clean

Let’s face it, with 2020 being the year of Lockdown things haven’t been that easy to stay on track. Maybe you fell off your diet or your lifestyle choices just haven’t been the same. Boredom eating, anxiety eating, over snacking, maybe you had a baby 😉 or just sheer lack of willpower or motivation to get out of bed and burn some calories. What ever the circumstances I feel you and I’m here to help you break that cycle and get you back on track.


When you eat clean, the chances are that you feel better for it, and why wouldn’t you? When you follow a clean diet, you naturally feel better for it, but sticking to it isn’t always easy, is it? The truth is that while following a clean diet can feel great, it’s not always easy to stick to it, is it? The good news is that when it comes to clean eating, there are lots of simple steps that you can take to make staying on track more achievable. The fact is that once you know how to make clean eating easier and more enjoyable, you should find staying on track simpler. It becomes a lifestyle rather than just a fad diet.


Wondering what these steps are? Below is a guide to some of the ways that you can make staying on track with clean eating a little easier to achieve. Read on for everything that you need to know! 


How to stay on track when eating clean

Don’t deny yourself 


When it comes to staying on track with clean eating, it’s vital that you don’t deny yourself your favourite foods. Believe it or not, you can make most foods clean, it’s just a case of revamping the way that you make them, that’s all. For instance, you can make delicious chocolate truffles from coconut oil, blended dates, orange zest, and cacao powder; they’re healthy and low calorie but they taste incredible. The key to staying on track is incorporating treats into your diet, and finding a way to make those treats healthy. Thankfully, there are lots of simple recipes online that you can utilise for this purpose. 


Make fakeaways 


On a night where you’re exhausted and feel like you don’t want to eat clean, you might crave a takeaway. Don’t let being tired derail you, instead opt to make fakeaways on these occasions, such as szechuan chicken, for instance. Wondering what is szechuan chicken? There are lots of recipes online for this tasty dish, that are perfect for using as fakeaways. For easy fakeaways, batch cook and freeze portions of your favourite fakeaways and then defrost and cook them when you are craving the comfort of a takeaway. 


Learn to love it


Once you get into it, eating cleanly can feel great, it’s just a case of actually giving yourself the time to get into it. To make learning to love clean eating easier, it’s a good idea to think about getting some inspiration – you might find that by sourcing inspiration from sites like Pinterest that you get more excited about the concept of clean eating and find it easier to stay on track. Plus, you might pick up a few new recipes to try. You could also join some clean eating Facebook groups, so that you can connect with other people on the same diet path as you. Having a support system in place can help to make staying on track far simpler and easier to achieve. 


There you have it, everything that you need to know about staying on track when it comes to clean eating.


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