4 Things You Ignore That Can Affect Your Health

Sometimes the things you ignore the most are the very elements that sabotage your efforts to live a healthier life. Did you know that one out of every eight women born in the United States is at risk of developing breast cancer during their lifetime? Yet many ignore simple steps and practises to curtail this risk. Hopefully, in this article, you will learn why certain aspects of your health should not be overlooked.  Read on to see four habits that could affect your health.


  • Skipping your annual mammogram screening


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So your breasts look and feel just fine, and you see no need to go for a screening- you could be wrong. About thirteen percent of women in the United States are likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. Despite this alarming figure, early detection helps to significantly reduce complications, risks, and related deaths. 


It is why annual mammogram screening is crucial for women and even men. A US Imaging Radiologist Anjali Mali also hints at a forty percent reduction in breast cancer deaths when people stick to annual screenings.



  • Ignoring your family’s health history



It can be quite alarming to realize just how little people know about their family’s health history. However, you’ll be better off knowing this because that record could be a blueprint to determine your genetic ailment risk. With the common genes in families, what affects one person could potentially put the other at risk. Diseases such as cancer and diabetes are a few of many hereditary diseases.  Unfortunately, many people learn about their family’s health history only after diagnosis. Other times it is when a close relative is suffering from an end-stage sickness. It is your responsibility to contact your doctor and request genetic counseling and testing.



  • Improper orthodontic care



For aesthetic reasons, some people opt to extract teeth to expand the jaws or make space for a tooth that needs straightening. If you are among this group of people, you are harming yourself. With advancements in orthodontics, your local dentists are the only approved professionals capable of helping you achieve a desired healthy result. Signature Smiles is one such oral care expert who utilizes cutting-edge technology to add radiance to your teeth and overall oral health. Your failure to seek professional help could result in acquiring severe infections that could spread even to your brain and lead to possible death. So make sure you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing every day and watching what you are putting into your body.


  • Frequently replacing sleep with coffee



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The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine – a stimulant which ‘reactivates’ your brain to a higher alertness level. Perhaps, over the years, it enabled you to stay up longer to complete tasks. But did you know that excessive caffeine dependence is harmful to your health?

Naturally, adequate sleep rejuvenates the brain cells and helps boost healing processes. When you overindulge in caffeine, you prevent your body from optimizing the benefits of sleep. You may begin to suffer fatigue, headaches, uneven heartbeats, and nausea over an extended period. You may even start to notice a drop in your mental alertness.


*Adopt healthy ways of living as this determines the state of your wellbeing. You have to pay attention to yourself to recognize what you can do better to operate at an optimum level. 


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