How To Care For Your Skin To Keep It Healthy and Glowing

How To Care For Your Skin To Keep It Healthy and Glowing


Your skin is a vital part of your body and serves as a protective layer that can help you fight against allergies. Taking care of your skin should be a part of your daily routine to keep it looking its best and youthful even as you grow. Being consistent with little steps every day can go a long way to make your skin refreshed and radiant. Here’s a practical guide to help keep your skin nourished and glowing

  • Drink lots of water


Aside from the other health benefits you gain, staying hydrated is a great way to take care of your skin. Consistently doing it will flush out any unwanted substances in your body and help your skin glow in no time. Aside from drinking lots of water, watching what you eat to complement your hydration efforts would be best. Excessive salt and sugar from processed foods could leave your skin with conditions such as acne. On the other hand, natural foods rich in antioxidants will help nourish your skin. These include fruits, leafy greens, and healthy fats from foods such as avocado and nuts.

  • Know the right temperature for your skin

There’s nothing as refreshing as a shower after a long day. However, using hot water could weaken your skin and reduce its natural oils, making your skin look dry. On the other hand, cold water might not wash away any residue such as makeup on your skin. Therefore, your water shouldn’t be too hot or cold; a lukewarm temperature is just right. 

  • Exfoliate

The outer layer of your skin may have some dead cells over time, making it essential for you to exfoliate. You only need a soft piece of cloth and a cleanser or scrub that’s gentle on your skin. Most people make the mistake of exfoliating throughout the week using harsh materials which can irritate the skin. However, only about two to three times in the week is sufficient, depending on your skin type. Exfoliating will help make your skin smoother and keep it looking youthful by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

  • Moisturise

Your skincare routine will be incomplete without a moisturiser. This step is one of the simplest ways to keep your skin rejuvenated and youthful, no matter your skin type. It also provides a protective barrier for your skin, and it’s best to do it right after bathing. If you have oily skin, a little dab of moisturiser will do. If your skin is often dry, you can try moisturising at least twice a day. Some recommend finding products rich in Vitamin C that aren’t too harsh on your skin to keep it hydrated.

  • Don’t forget your sunscreen

As you enjoy the beautiful weather, guarding your skin against harsh conditions such as excessive sunlight is vital. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin from UV rays. Not doing so could make your skin rough over time and make it age quicker than usual. Apart from sunscreen, it would help if you wore protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses and avoided spending too much time in the sun. If you’re indoors on a hot day, you can step out for a few minutes instead of staying too long in an air-conditioned room, as it could dehydrate your skin.

  • Don’t touch your face too much


Aside from applying the right products to your face and developing healthy habits, it’s best to avoid touching your face excessively. Your hands may have picked up some germs during the day, and touching your face too much could contaminate your skin. It would help if you washed your hands as much as possible to be on the safer side if you can’t help touching your face. Also, if you have any pimples, try not to burst them, as doing so could leave blemishes on your skin.

  • Remember to take off your makeup

After a day out or a hard day’s work, you may be so exhausted, and you might forget an essential little detail: taking off your makeup. However, failing to take off your makeup before bed could leave residue on your skin, which could block your pores, affect your complexion, and lead to wrinkles over time. You can use cotton and a cleanser to wipe your face without rubbing it too vigorously. You should also clean your makeup items, such as brushes, regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating on them. It would also help if you had a specific bag for your makeup tools to keep them neat. 

  • Pamper yourself

Believe it or not, investing in your self-care can go a long way in making you look radiant and youthful. It would help if you tried to make time for yourself despite the hustle and bustle of life. It’s all in the little things. Activities such as facials, exercise, and eating healthy can prove beneficial for your skin. You can also try giving yourself a face massage early in the morning or before you go to bed. Doing this will calm your nerves and leave your skin glowing. Additionally, it would be best to surround yourself with positive energy and avoid things that stress you out too much.

  • Get enough sleep


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Stress or lack of sleep could affect your health and skin. Research reveals that poor sleeping habits can make your skin age quickly. You may need to tackle aspects of your life such as your job, finances, etc., but you need to pace things out to get enough sleep. You can prioritise the things you need to deal with as early as possible, such as your Buddy Loans and other financial repayments. Doing this will give you enough time to relax and go to bed early to enjoy a whole night’s sleep. As a result, your skin’s cells will be well-nourished, giving you a healthy and glowing look.


Taking good care of your skin is essential in staying healthy and boosting your self-esteem. With these simple and practical tips, your skin will look healthy and glowing for a very long time!


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