Heart Breaking Mother’s Day


This past week has been incredibly heart breaking for me and many others. My mother became unresponsive Mother’s day evening and has been in ICU since. Anyone who has ever crossed paths with her knows how strong and amazing she is, no one ever expected her not be there when we needed her. I still cant believe this is happening, I know my mama is strong and this will not defeat her she has to pull through and be a grandma first. She has to. My mama is my everything, undefeated, she is  superwoman. I want to thank each and everyone of you who has sent flowers, cards, prayers, donations and support we really appreciate all of your kindness and concern. Please continue to pray for my mama. I have created a donation site for my mama, StellaR We Love You! donations will go to all medical expenses and living expenses to help her get back on her feet while she recovers.
She has always been there for everyone else and I just want her to know that everyone she has touched is there for her and appreciates everything she has done. I love you a million MnM’s mama!

Donations Here