Fresh Air And Exercise: The Ultimate Combo For Improved Health

Fresh Air And Exercise: The Ultimate Combo For Improved Health

There are so many factors that affect your workouts and how effective they are.

Making sure that you eat right and drink plenty of water, is essential if you want to see good results. Finding the right balance of cardio and strength exercises is also important.

Have you thought about the impact that fresh air could have on your workout?

If you are constantly stuck in the gym and you never exercise outside, you should consider making a change. Fresh air and sunshine can affect your workouts in these significant ways.


Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

People tend to think of air pollution as an outside problem. However in buildings where there is not a constant flow of fresh air, pollutants can quickly build up leading to the oxygen levels decreasing. This is a big problem when you are exercising because your muscles need oxygen to function. If there are lower levels of oxygen in the air you are breathing, your body will not be working at full capacity. The pollutants in the air can also cause irritation to the lungs. Which leads to many people experiencing shortness of breath. If you are exercising inside, it’s vital that you open a window or use an air conditioner to recycle the air and boost oxygen levels while also removing pollutants. It’s important to have your AC serviced regularly, as it can have a huge impact on your workouts. Make sure to get a 24 hour AC repair company to take a look at your unit. I highly recommend when possible, you should get outside but if you do need to workout indoors, make sure that you have a constant flow of fresh air.

Cleaning Your Lungs

Regardless of the steps you take to prevent it, you will still be exposed to some pollution, both inside and outside. But fresh air can help you to reduce the potential health impact because it cleans your lungs. When we breathe in fresh air, it allows our lungs to expand more and when we breathe out, we expel a lot of toxins. Regular exercise in the fresh air can clean your lungs out and reduce the health risks associated with indoor pollution.

Improving Your Mental Health

Exercising is one of the best things you can do if you want to look after your mental health. It releases endorphins and suppresses stress hormones, so it boosts your mood and helps to avoid serious conditions like anxiety or depression. But you could increase this effect even further if you exercise outside in the fresh air. Studies show that being outside in nature has a very positive impact on our mindset and it improves mental health. Fresh air will increase energy levels and reduce your risk of other physical health problems. This all feeds into your mental health as well. When we feel healthier and more energetic, it’s easier to maintain a positive mindset.


If you want a simple way to improve your physical and mental health and get more out of your exercise routine, you should start exercising in the fresh air.

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