Finding a balance with kids

Finding a balance with kids


“Since I do have 2 little ones who have me running all over the place, Finding balance with kids can be a challenge, where do I find the time?”


Working on my laptop can be such a time sucker, I really try to refrain from the disconnect of my kids especially when they are in the same room. when I do have to spend a bit of time working on my laptop I will break it up in parts so Zay can play a bit and feel included in the process. We will usually play one game he likes and one that I like. Since he’s 2 (and a half), our games only involve a key or two. It’s an amazing “full circle” moment when you’re playing/teaching your kids about something you’ve made a daily part of your life and tend to forget how incredible human being are and what they are able to create.


I have been teaching Zay how things work and why they do what they do, for example:

He’s been watching educational videos on my laptop and want to know what all the buttons on the keyboard did, now that he is familiar with his alphabet he can point out a lot of the letters and tell you what they are. He is always asking how something work and why.


Thinking back..

I remember sitting in my classroom playing  Oregon Trail on a Mac computer the size of a moving box. Now I’m explaining to my 2 year old how to play a hidden objects game on my sleek and slender MacBook pro, how the times have changed. I can only imagine what it will be like when Zay is teaching his kids.

Games like these are a nice break from working, whether it be from home, travels or in an office. Your mind likes to be challenged and work through problems, find a game that will relieve some tension but also  allow you to work through a puzzle.

Since I do have 2 little ones who have me running all over the place, Finding balance with kids can be a challenge, where do I find the time? Well, usually its between naps or “free time”, or when Zay spends time with his Nana and Pops. Thankfully Dre is such a chill little human I can sit him next to me with a snack and a couple toys and he’s happy just to be at the party.


Here’s what a day in the life of a mom of two boys looks like:


5 AM – Dre wakes for a feed

(he will usually go back to sleep for another hour and a half)

6:30 AM – 7 AM – Dre and Zay wake up

(there are mornings where they both fall back to sleep for another hour)

7 AM – 7:30 AM – Boys are washed, dressed and ready for breakfast

(if I’m lucky I get washed and dressed as well)

7:30 AM – 8 AM – Enjoy our Breakfast 

9 AM – Check emails and messages / free play for Zay and Dre

10 AM – Household check list begins

(Zay will usually help and Dre is in his bouncer or Tummy time, I also try to get this done when I can and not all at once)

11 AM – Zay gets Crafts hour or Train hour/ Dre gets refined motor skills or visuals (dependent on the weather)

12 PM – 1 pm Lunch Time / light work on my phone or laptop 

(Dre is fed and down for a nap/ Zay has lunch and some more free play)

1 PM – 2 PM  Tidy up time and Dre is up and fed 

(sometimes Zay will nap if he’s been up early)

3 PM Educational Activity for both boys 

(Zay wakes if he’s taken a nap, depending on weather we do an outdoor Activity)

4 PM Snack Time 

(this isn’t a set time – if any of us want a snack earlier I make a little something)

5 PM Complete my Daily To Do List and work on my Weekly To Do List

(see Daily and Weekly To Do List below)

6:30 PM Bath Time 

(I’ve recently moved bath time a little earlier so they settle for bed early)

7 -8 PM Dinner then bed time for the boys 

9 PM Tidy Up, Shower and Tea Time for Mom & Dad 

11:00 PM Bed Time 

(sometimes I use this time to work on anything that needs my full attention)

* This is just a guide to my day- in between all the time slots I am usually fitting in anything I can get done from my To Do Lists.


Daily To do List 

Household Checklist

  • Laundry
  • Hoover
  • Mop
  • Toy pick up
  • Tidy Living Room
  • Tidy Kitchen
  • Tidy Bedrooms
  • Tidy Playroom
  • Tidy Bathrooms

Personal Health Checklist

  • Meditate
  • Workout
  • Stretch
  • Journal
  • Read
  • Create


Weekly To Do List

(this changes from week to week)

  • Film
  • Edit
  • Blog Post
  • Social Content
  • Recipe Book(s)
  • Meal Plan(s)
  • Market Research
  • Potty Training
  • Study for DL test

Setting my intentions for the day on the night before really sets me up for success. It doesn’t always go the way I planned but I get everything done by the end of the day and there is something about ticking off the boxes on your “To Do List” that is so satisfying.


Whether you have kids our not, find a balance is key to a happy and successful lifestyle.