Fall Fashion Guide: How to Transition to a Cosy Autumn

As we prepare to say goodbye to one of the strangest summers in memory, it’s time to crack open your fall wardrobe and move on with your life. While you may not have had the opportunity to flaunt your summer fashion this year due to quarantine, some form of reality look set to return during the autumn months. There are still a few bikini beach days left on the calendar but sweater weather is almost here. 

Fall is now many women’s favorite season. So much so that it has become somewhat of a cliche. As soon as September hits, your Instagram feed is likely to be populated with pictures of women in Uggs drinking pumpkin spice lattes, while posing in front of a pile of leaves. However, this doesn’t take from how beautiful a transition season that it is. From the weather to the effect it has on nature, fall is a truly stunning time of year. 

Fall fashion is cherished and adored by fashionistas everywhere. The weather doesn’t require you to wrap up completely, but it provides the opportunity to add layers, wear jackets, and to explore new footwear opportunities. Creative thinking can lead to some fabulous outfits. Even when the worst fall weather hits, fashionable options remain. 

There is an abundance of outfit ideas and seasonal tips to help you knock fall fashion out of the park. If you’re starting to put together pieces to wear over the coming months, here are twelve tips that are worth considering.


1. Autumnal tones

Seasonally appropriate color schemes are some of the most appealing aspects of autumn fashion. Swapping the vibrant and bright summer shades for deeper, more mellow hues help set the tone. 

Look to bold shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown to set the foundations for most outfits. Combining these shades with lavender, blue, and bottle green gives any outfit a fall vibe. Hold on to your summer denim clothes, as they provide the most suitable complementary material to the intense colors. 


2. Denim-on-denim

Denim is timeless and can play a role in your wardrobe no matter the season. As mentioned, it’s the perfect material to go with autumnal colors, but denim is also perfectly suited to being the prominent theme of your fall outfit. 

In terms of jeans, the skinny-legged cut is no longer leading the way. There are now a number of popular options out there. More comfortable and loose fits are in vogue. Some fantastic options include flared jeans, straight leg, patchwork jeans, and tapered jeans. 

Denim skirts are ideal for early fall, before the weather gets too cold. Denim jackets, whether they are lined or not, are perfect for an 80s feel. There are few better ways of transitioning from summer to fall than through your favorite denim jacket.

3. Fall knitwear

Fall is synonymous with knitwear. Materials such as wool and cashmere are soft to touch and make for some of the most comfortable clothes out there. Although knitwear is the ultimate option when it comes to comfort, there is something surprisingly formal about it too. 

A versatile oversized sweater goes with virtually everything. As a practical addition to your autumn collection, this is the perfect item to complete a laid back, effortless look. 

4. Lounge it up

As you retreat indoors post-summer and prepare for the coming winter, having suitable loungewear is essential. From home-only pajamas to tracksuits suitable for afternoon activities, investing in loungewear and comfortable clothing is always beneficial. 

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of tracksuits and loungewear for everyday use. It has even made its way into high fashion. There has never been a better selection of athleisure clothing.

5. Sweater weather

For many people, their favorite thing about dropping temperatures is that sweater weather has finally arrived. Sweaters are the ultimate fall clothing item, due to their practicality and versatility. They are warm, cozy, and go with everything. 

As mentioned, loungewear and athleisure clothing are huge right now. Certain sweaters fall into these categories, giving them even more relevance this year. 

Whether you’re chilling on your sofa midweek, or you’re popping out to meet a friend for coffee, ensure that you have a trusty sweater or two to accompany you.

6. Break out the booties

Boots are a staple of fall fashion. Traditionally, over the knee booties were matched up with everything come September. These days, there are even more options. 

Ankle boots are the perfect companion for jeans or a dress. Low-shoe style booties add an edgy twist to a similar look. Although they aren’t the autumn essential that they once were, Uggs are still popular and complement many fall styles. Find a range of styles at Ugg.com, and complete your outfit.

If booties are your go-to, make sure to get yourself a good protective footwear spray to keep them pristine.

7. Autumn eyewear

Although glasses and corrective lenses are a necessity for many people, there’s no reason to neglect them as a fashionable item of clothing. Continuing with the layering theme of fall, your eyewear is yet another accessory to add depth to an outfit.

Whether you want to do  clear lenses for style, or you want to optimize your outfit by upgrading your prescription glasses or sunglasses, check out Eyeglasses.com for a wide range of options.

If you don’t plan on buying multiple pairs, perhaps the best option is to go for a neutral color with a simple design. Don’t underestimate simplicity as a fashionable choice.

8. Tailored suits

A tailored suit is a perfect outfit for almost every situation. A blazer and slacks are very adaptable, meaning your entire look can be altered by what you wear with it. Keep it classic with a button-up shirt or blouse. Or, give it a more edgy but casual vibe by wearing a tucked-in white t-shirt underneath. 

As with most fashion, the fit of a suit is important. Visit your tailor and get any necessary adjustments made to ensure the fit is just right. 

9. Fitted blazers

A fitted blazer gives a woman an empowered look. As a versatile item of clothing, a blazer can be worn in social scenarios but it is the ultimate option in office chic. The well-structured silhouette enhances your posture and adds a touch of class to your outfit. 

When choosing a blazer, the most important consideration is the fit. While you want it to give your shoulders some structure, it shouldn’t be overly bulky. Secondly, think about what color is best suited to your hair, complexion, and wardrobe. Opt for bold colors but make sure they’re easy to match. 

10. Introduce scarves to your life

Scarves are very useful to shield you from dropping temperatures or intrusive winds. They also double up as pretty accessories. A fall scarf doesn’t have to offer too much warmth. A long, thin, and light material should provide the necessary insulation while adding style to your outfit. 

Experiment with different ways of wearing a scarf. Try it around your neck, up to your ears, and tie it in various ways to offer different looks. 

11. Opt for fall patterns

Certain patterns are linked to each season. In the fall, plaids and checks are the typical patterns. Whether you’re buying a shirt, skirt, pants, or accessories, plaids and checks are welcome in any form. 

Match up these patterns with denim, knitwear, and your favorite booties for a classic fall look. 

12. Shirtdress

A shirtdress is the perfect transitional outfit between summer and winter. Enhance your figure by wearing it with a smart belt. This gives more definition to the top and bottom halves of your body. 

If the weather is a little chilly, throw on a pair of leggings under your dress. This is a popular fashion choice that lasts from fall all the way through winter. 


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