Your body is composed of fast-switch fibers and slow-twitch fibers.
Heavy strength training targets the fast-switch fibers and, of course helps to build muscle. But it does not do a lot for your slow-twitch fibers.

Endurance-based training, on the other hand, targets your slow-twitch fibers and ignites fat loss. But as just about any longtime runner can tel you, it does not help you put on muscle.

So how do you build muscle and strength, burn fat, and improve your total-body fitness fast?!

Tempo Exercises …

Train your slow-twitch fibers with tempo exercises within each workout. the idea is to perform an exercise at a slow but steady tempo from start to finish.  For example a barbell tempo squat is simply a barbell squat in which you take two seconds to lower the weight, and two second to lift the weight. All without pausing at the top or bottom of the exercise. One key point: You’ll have to lower the weights for these tempo moves. Too much weight and you’ll still be focused on your fast-twitch fibers, which won’t give you all the benefits we are aiming for.

Here is why tempo exercises work. We will refer to the barbell tempo squat example: When doing the barbell tempo squat, your legs are under constant, low-level tension. This reduces the blood flow to your working muscles, depriving them of oxygen for an extended period of time. With less oxygen, your muscles react by creating more mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny powerhouses in your muscle cells that produce energy.

So the more mitochondria you have, the more energy you can produce. And… the more energy you  can produce, the harder and longer you can exercise before you run out of steam.

Now, can you guess what mitochondria like to use to produce this energy? BODY FAT! That’s right!
The more mitochondria you have ; the more fat you can burn.

One last key piece to the puzzle. to end each workout, I include an intense metabolic metabolic accelerator, such as kettle-bell jumps or kettle-bell swings. These are power exercises that you do quickly for about ten seconds, interspersed with about 50 seconds of rest. So its sort of like doing eight to ten 100-yard sprint intervals, but without the need for a track. That means they’re great for burning calories and boosting your post-workout metabolism, which results in even greater fat loss.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 1, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    It's fast and slow twitch… not switch