Creating Life … again

Creating Life … again



I took some time off, creating another life while keeping another little human alive can be a full time job.

I take my hat off to any woman who can give life more than twice. After this little one I’m shutting down production. We’ve balanced out our family and now we get to enjoy the journey as four.

Lets go back 9 months…

Nausea hit one day and I think deep down I knew but was so consumed with my son Zay that I just didn’t fully acknowledge the fact that this could be morning sickness. After a few days of feeling nauseous and a couple tests, I made an appointment to see the doctor.

Here we go! baby #2

In the past Luke and I had talked about having kids close in age so they would be able to relate and play with each other. Really form a bond and grow and learn together… I just didn’t think of the timeline in real time, being pregnant for nearly two year is a lot, mentally and physically.

Zay was about a year old when baby #2 decided to stroll in. “We just got the hang of things!”

Besides the few days of morning sickness in the beginning, it was an easy pregnancy once again.

Fast forward 8 months pregnant and I’m ready to have this baby! Trying to get through my workouts became a struggle, putting my shoes on became a game of “how flexible are you?” The bump was growing by the minute and I felt guilty that I couldn’t play with my son the way I used to.

Labor & Delivery

This is where the pregnancies differ…

January 31st

I woke up with the start of contractions and a stuffy nose, not wanting to get turned away I waited until they became closer and closer together then called the midwife who informed me to go in and get checked. Since this is my second child he could come a lot quicker. Good thing the hospital is only 10 minutes away.

Covid got me!

Mine and my baby’s heart rate was a bit high as well as my temperature. I was a dehydrated and hadn’t eaten since the night before which caused the fatigue and raised heart rate. I was given tons of water and a snack which helped immediately. There was still the case of covid which confused me, I had no symptoms except for the stuffy nose which I put down to Zay bringing a cold into the house from the park or play center.

Lets make this short…

After my temperature came down they released me.. my contractions had stopped, the baby wasn’t coming that day. Not before sending Luke home, putting me in isolation, and letting me know that Luke could not be in the delivery room.. Or, even in the building because yes, he too tested positive.

February 1st

Another day of contractions… is this real or another false alarm?

I woke up I discomfort, these contractions were worse.. I ran a bath and waited… and waited ..

my contractions went from 12 minutes apart to 6 minutes apar within 30 minutes. Then down to 4 minutes before I called the midwife and was told to go straight in. I kept thinking please don’t send me away!

When I got there I had to take a side entrance and be buzzed in.But before I did I had to wait for a midwife to come and slap some gloves, and a plastic apron on. [I’m emotional and in pain ]

My examination shows I’m not quite 2 centimeters dilated and because I’m covid positive they send me home. It’s the last thing I want but after the treatment from the day midwives I’d rather go home and have my baby there.

Waiting and waiting… I can’t take it anymore, I ring the midwife and she informs us to call the ambulance, the baby could be here sooner than we think, after trying the to get an ambulance we decide to risk it and drive to the hospital ourselves, the wait is too long for an ambulance.

Again we wait to get gloved up and plastic wrapped then head to the maternity unit to see if this baby is going to make an appearance or not.

Only 4 centimeters, thankfully I get the midwife who helped me the first time and hours later

our little boy is welcomed to this world. 2/2/22 1:48am.

I am overwhelmed with love and happiness with this little one, he is such a good boy. We are already seeing differences in not only appearance but personality as well. Stay tuned for an update on YouTube!