Behind Black Rabbit Babe

Creativity shouldn’t be contained to one area. We are creative beings have no limits, no restraints, no box we are supposed to fit in. We have the capability to think on our own and create out of thin air. Who says we need to sit at a desk in a drab office. No. Im not saying every office space is drab or that you can’t sit at a desk and get a lot of work done. My particular taste in office space varies. Since I don’t have a normal 9-5 job there is no clocking in and clocking out, work never stops, working 20 hours a day 7 days a week. I do work from my car, a cafe, stuck in traffic, in a restaurant and sometimes in a dental office. Thanks to this glorious “instant” life we live in, creators like you and I can work from anywhere and build our own empires the way we have always dreamed.

To get to what I’m trying to say… I have been creating, and creating and creating.. My dream.

I am so excited to share with you all my baby. Black Rabbit Babe

Since I was a child creativity and the need to express it was my only concern, and as an ONLY child you can imagine, my parents were never in short supply of entertainment and surprises. (Although my career choices were not a surprise.) I recreated, rehearsed, and performed thousands of scenes, choreography, lyrics, talk shows, created characters .. I can go on forever but no need my parents have all the embarrassing videos back home. As I got older I tried out for team sports… basketball.. Fail. cheerleading… Fail. I came to find out I was better at a more focused sport, Gymnastics became my obsession until I had to pick another focus. Growing into my teens I began to do pageants which bore me quite quickly and I moved on to modeling which led to acting and where I am today. Wait! we skipped the best part. We already know about my interests and a bit of my past but I am leaving out a very crucial part. The part that makes Black Rabbit Babe.

Talent in the designing department goes way back, generations back. My great grandmother used to make Desi Arnaz’s personal wardrobe. My grandmother made my clothing as a child and my mother taught me to sew. I do have to thank my high school fashion design teacher who also taught my culinary class (yep she can do both) for teaching me the fundamentals, allowing me to express myself, and giving me the courage to pursue my dreams. I sketched, snipped and sewed my fingers off worked my way through every obstacle and no matter how many times I was told I would fail, I am here today sharing my baby with you. It took years, it takes time, visions grow just like a seed is planted in the soil, you must water it, feed it, give it light to grow. Black Rabbit Babe is not only a brand but a lifestyle, a community, support team for women.  I created all of this because I want to inspire, educate, and create all the things I have been searching for, that you may be searching for, or build a bridge for two people who need support within each other. Clothing is just one element of what Black Rabbit Babe is. Its a family of amazing beings who share the same journey in some way. We are power, we create life, we are superheroes.

The name, where did the name come from… well in short it, Black Rabbit was a nickname. like Black Sheep. to be different, to stand out. Babe was added for branding purposes. Black Rabbit Babe is strong and takes care of her body mind and soul. She is adventure, she is love, she is confidence.