Bad Habits To Avoid During Covid-19

Bad Habits To Avoid During Covid-19

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all had our usual routines disrupted. Whether we can’t go out to work at all, have swapped to working from home, or are just missing our social lives, we’ve all had to make big changes. Unfortunately, some of these changes have led to some bad habits, that aren’t good for our health, both mental and physical.


Here are the bad habits to avoid during Covid-19 out for. 

bad habit to avoid -  drinking too much

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Drinking Too Much

Whether you’re turning to alcohol to cope with the added stress of pandemic life or just because you’re bored at home, many of us are drinking more than we used to. A few extra drinks here and there is understandable, but if you find yourself drinking to excess on a regular basis, this is a problem. Alcohol can make low feelings worse, and is of course, bad for your overall health. 


If you’re concerned about how much you’re drinking, try to cut back. It might help to seek support from alcohol treatment services.


Over Eating

It’s not uncommon to snack when you’re bored, or need some comfort. A lot of people are comfort eating their way through the pandemic. Whether you’re ordering takeaways because you don’t feel like cooking or eating more unhealthy snacks to cheer yourself up, this is a problem. Overeating can cause weight gain and other health problems and isn’t going to fuel your body well. Instead, try to switch the junk food for healthier alternatives, and try to limit the number of takeaways you order, and cook at home instead. 


Social Media

Social media is an easy distraction, so if you’re bored at home, it’s likely you’re spending more time than ever scrolling social media. We already know that excessive use of mobile devices isn’t great for mental health, but that’s especially true at the moment. Constantly reading news about the Cororonavirus can make you more stressed. Seeing people disregarding guidelines on your feeds can make you feel angry and resentful. 


Try to limit your device time and find something else to do instead. Read, watch TV (not the news), try a new project, or get some exercise. 


Not Exercising

The change in routine has made it harder to feel motivated to exercise, especially if your local gym or favorite classes have had to close. At first, a break from exercise was a nice change, but now you feel sluggish, and you’re undoing the good results of your previous routine. You feel lower in energy, which gives you even less motivation to work out. 


Try to find an alternative to your usual routine if you’ve had to change it. There are dozens of fitness trainers and gyms that have adapted to offer classes or personal training sessions virtually. You could try these or some of the many fitness videos on YouTube. You can find everything from Yoga to HIIT. Take up running and take your exercise outdoors. Go for long walks around your neighborhood. Just find something that helps you to keep active.