Are you planning cosmetic surgery in 2021?

Are you planning cosmetic surgery in 2021?

Cosmetic surgery is big business. There were over 1.8 million surgeries in 2019, with almost half of them being women aged between 40-54. There’s a surgery for almost everything nowadays, from breast implants and reductions to liposuction, nose reconstruction to hip implants – and everything in between. There are also plenty of non-invasive procedures carried out every week, from dermaplaning to laser hair removal.


Why get cosmetic surgery?

People – mainly women (as they have 92 percent of the surgeries carried out) have cosmetic surgery for many reasons:     a lack of confidence, to cover up or fix perceived flaws, to emulate someone they admire – or just because they want to.

All of these are completely valid reasons, but it is important to bear in mind that cosmetic surgery, like any form of surgery, involves an element of risk. If you are planning to have surgery for any reason, whether now or in the future, it is vital that you know these and have asked yourself a few questions in order to make an informed decision.

If, after answering them and doing your research, you still are happy that it is the right decision for you, go for it!


My own experience with cosmetic surgery 

Yes, I have personally had cosmetic surgery.

When I was 24 I finally found myself at the right age and with enough knowledge about getting a procedure done. I wanted a breast augmentation since I was 17. Being that 17 was too young to even consider the option. I started my research and gave myself until I was 21. If my thoughts were still the same on the procedure I would look further into it.

Three years later I found a doctor I trusted, the size I was comfortable with and mentally prepared myself for this life changing procedure (with all the risks that come with it).

In my own personal experience I was happy with the outcome and would do it all over again.


I am not an advocate for cosmetic surgery. However, if it is something you want, you’ve done the research, know the risks and are doing for yourself, then I say go for it.


Things to keep in mind if you are planning cosmetic surgery in 2021.


Your cosmetic surgery provider – are they the right ones for you?

The vast majority of cosmetic surgeons are highly skilled, qualified experts who take every step to make sure their patients are safe and happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, as with every other profession, there is the odd rogue one out there. Make sure to do your research into the reputation and accreditations of your chosen surgery provider. They should be happy to answer all of your questions, no matter how minor they may seem, and offer both male and female surgeons at your request.


Your health – are you physically fit and healthy?

Surgery carries risks. We all know that – even routine medical surgery does. It is important that before you opt for an invasive surgical procedure, you are as fit and as healthy as possible, to reduce the risks.

For example, if you are carrying a few additional pounds, can you try to lose them prior to the event? Are you otherwise healthy and fit? If you have any other conditions or illnesses, it is vital that you explain this to your surgeon. They can advise you whether you are still able to have the procedure. 


Your mental health – is your mental health ok?

Mental health and the mindset around your surgery is important. If you are expecting to go in looking like you and come out looking like a whole different person, you might need to readjust your expectations. If you are hoping that the surgery is going to fix your life or change who you are as a person, again, look at the deeper root cause of what is going on. A good cosmetic surgery will talk to you about the expected outcome and any worries, but you should also consider counseling or therapy if your mental health is not quite as good as you would like it to be.


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