90 Days

photo by : @ereid3

This post may be 90 days overdue. Then again if I would have posted about every venture I encountered it wouldn’t be as reflective or meaningful as I feel this post is.

90 days ago my hair was blonde. I was a bit lost and struggled to deal with the drastic changes in my life. In all honesty I didn’t have my own identity. It may seem shocking to those of you reading this who know me personally but gave up a lot of who I was. It took a tragedy to open my eyes and make me see that I had to live for me. I had to find myself again and trust in myself. I lost a lot of people I love and friends I thought were real but in the end I am stronger and wiser, I am thankful for all the wrong turns I took. Without the past experiences I wouldn’t be the woman I am today and I believe who I am is BADASS!

90 days ago I met the two most amazing men who welcomed me into their business and we became family. No words could accurately describe the graditiude I feel towards them. #Blessed

Since my grand move to LA I continue to meet amazing people who have proven their loyalty and shown me that even in a city of false personas their are still a few real genuine beautiful souls mixed in the crazy “Hollywood Life”. All my life I felt out of place in a small town living a average life trying to work a 9 to 5 job and force myself to accept it as is. I knew it wasn’t for me and even though I know I should have made the change 7 or 8 years ago I am so grateful I made the decision to pack up my shit and just move. The hardest part is getting through the fear of failure and the unknown. Our mind is our own prison sometimes. We are capable of so much more than we think and when you are put in a position of pressure where you have no choice but to win… guess what… you win!