5 Gifts to Show Support to Your Loved Ones During the Lockdown

5 Gifts to Show Support to Your Loved Ones During the Lockdown

As developments for vaccines begin circulating, stricter measures are set in place and we can finally start to see the end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, Covid-19 and the consequences of the pandemic won’t leave us soon – at least for the next few months. And, with several weeks left to endure lockdown, it is extremely important to look after our mental and physical wellbeing.

Some found themselves in a suitable, comfortable situation to isolate, while others are struggling to deal with loneliness, stress, and frustration. These are the people that need your support the most – show them how much you love them with these gifts. 

Something to Celebrate Their Achievements

It is easy to lose self-confidence and esteem in lockdown. Every day seems to be the same, and only a few of us actually decide to dress up and put makeup on in the morning. And, of course, the routine can also start to kill inspiration and motivation over time. That is why it is important to remember your loved ones for their past achievements and how brave they have been in the past. Depending on who you are looking to support, you could opt to display flag cases for veterans, diploma frames for graduates, or a photo album for an important life event.

A Care Package

We all need extra care and support during these hard times. You might not be able to hug your friends and physically support them, but you can show them that you are there if they need you with a care package. The greatest benefit of this gift is that it is totally personalizable to meet the needs of the receiver. Whether you are creating this alternative gift for your female BF or putting together a package for one of your parents, make sure you are adding all the things they love the most, including foods and drinks to indulge on.

5 Gifts to Show Support to Your Loved Ones During the Lockdown

Flowers and Candles

We have all been spending more time indoors than we would have ever wanted to. However, our homes represent a safe shelter from all that’s going on in the world. Make sure your friends and family members feel a little more comfortable and at peace in their homes by gifting them with flowers and candles. If you have opted for a fresh bouquet, make sure you are picking the right flowers for their meaning! If you opted for a candle with a little more presence, a beautiful scent and can double as a piece of home decor, finding the right scent to uplift and awaken the senses. Aside from bringing a touch of color to a house, these gifts can lift the mood and make your loved ones smile. 

Painting or Knitting Kit

One of our main enemies during lockdown is undoubtedly boredom. If your friends and family have started to feel the effects of staying indoors, encourage them to pick up a new hobby! And, if you don’t want to spend money on equipment and tools, you can do so for them! Whether you prefer to give them a painting, knitting, gardening, or sewing kit, make sure they have all the tools to get started! Seeing their work coming along is a great way to regain a sense of empowerment!

A DIY Scrapbook 

If you are looking for an affordable but meaningful gift, there is no better option than making one yourself! Put your skills to the test and create something that you know they will appreciate. For example, you could bake a cake or create a handmade jumper. 


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