5 Essential Kitchen Equipment for Healthy Eating

5 Essential Kitchen Equipment for Healthy Eating

Are you looking for some new kitchen equipment? New cooking gadgets can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. What if you learned that there are five essential kitchen tools that will help you prepare healthy food and save your money too? Keep reading and find out what these tools are!


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Every kitchen needs a juicer. The benefit of using these machines is that they extract the juice and leave behind the pulp, which contains fiber you also need in your diet. Juicers are perfect for those who want to make healthy breakfast juices or incorporate more nutritious drinks into their meal plan.

The best part about juicing at home is that you can make it to your desired flavor and sweetness. A juicer such as the X-1 juicer will also help in cooking by making sauces like tomato sauce at home without any preservatives.


A spiralizer is a kitchen tool that turns vegetables into long vegetable noodles. It can be as simple as using a knife to cut vegetables into thin pieces, or it may involve an electric device with different blade attachments. A popular type of spiralizer is the one you turn by hand and looks like pencil sharpeners, but there are also many electric ones that you can use as a food processor. A spiralizer is essential for anyone who wants to eat healthily and keep their meals interesting.

Food Processor

This kitchen essential is excellent for chopping vegetables, shredding potatoes, and grating cheese. If you plan on making a lot of food in batches, this can help streamline the process tremendously. They are also relatively inexpensive; consider going for a mid-range model that will last about five years or so before needing replacement. Remember that you’ll need to purchase a grater, slicing blade, and chopping blade separately.

Set of Kitchen Knives

The most important thing you can make sure of is that your knives are sharp. Dull blades will not cut through food easily and cause more cuts on the hand while slicing than a sharper knife would. The set of kitchen knives should include at least one small paring knife, one serrated bread or tomato knife, and one versatile chef’s blade for chopping and slicing. A paring knife is perfect for tasks like peeling, trimming, and slicing fruit. A serrated bread or tomato knife can be for slicing through loaves of bread and tomatoes without squishing the produce in your hand. The chef’s blade will help you chop vegetables and herbs quickly with its long edge that curves slightly.

Weighing Scale

A weighing scale is essential for measuring the food that you are eating for long-term health. A good one will be accurate, precise, and durable so that it can last a long time. It needs to have an easy-to-read screen with metric (grams) and imperial (ounces) measurements. Make sure the display is large and the unit of measure is easy to identify.


The kitchen is where healthy food begins. It’s the one place in your home that you can control how much sodium or sugar goes into every meal. That said, it takes time and a lot of energy to start cooking from scratch – but once you get started, these five essential pieces of equipment will make everything easier!


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