5 Alternative Gifts for Your Female BFF

It’s normal to hold your breath a little the moment your loved ones open that gift box. Because you’re not sure how they’re going to react to the gift you put time and effort into selecting. And if you’ve had an awful experience presenting a not-so-perfect gift, you’re probably on the lookout for excellent gift ideas to wow your best friend. If you find yourself at a loss as to what to give or you’re stressed out from last-minute shopping, then it’s time to try giving alternative gifts. These gifts give meaning to your gesture, and here are a few to them to consider giving your BFF.


  • DIY them a love-filled gift


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Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a gift crafted with love. Try making them a scrumptious home-made meal, an occasion-appropriate gift card, or a cute thing that will always remind them of you, even when you aren’t around.  Because options abound for every taste and preference, you’ll find something they’ll love to receive. This option is amazing for many reasons. You’ll learn something new and have more moments to bond over. Also, the sentiment behind hand-crafted gifts is timeless as it isn’t based on passing trends


  • Gift them your time


Here’s another gift idea that makes for even more timeless memories. And the chances are that you could be the first one ever to give your BFF this wonderful treat. Take time off to do something they’ve wished to do for a while. This is a great gift for long-distance friendships or for professionals who have busy schedules. The other amazing thing about gifting your time is you can find out beforehand what they’d love to do. There’s no gifting amiss here.


  • Quirky jewelry


It’s the thought that counts, so if you’d rather give them the tangible stuff, make sure it’s a memorable one. First, jewelry is a girl’s best friend. Second, quirky, bespoke earrings, like these Titanium hoop earrings at Urban Body Jewelry, won’t be forgotten in a long while, and your BFF will be able to stand out in a crowd. When someone compliments your gift while you are both out they’ll be able to point to you proudly. 


  • Celebrate a cause they believe in


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You can also give to a cause they believe in. If she’s an earth lover, you’ll find many organizations you can donate to on her behalf. Also, in the spirit of charity, you and your BFF can volunteer at a soup kitchen to feed the hungry. Alternative Gifts International specializes in allowing people to give meaningfully. On their website, you’ll find a host of causes to give to, that you can also give on behalf of others. Parents can also take the opportunity to teach kids about kindness by donating to a charity.  

Though it’s hard to pick out the perfect gift for a loved one because you care about them, you want to make sure they love what you pick out. These alternative gift ideas have their genuine interests at heart and will earn you their approval.


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