4 Ways to Organize A Memorable Halloween Party


Halloween is a great excuse to party, decorate, and get full-on spooky with your creative costumes. There are truly no limits to the trick or treat season. In the US and most parts of the world, it’s a period that children and even adults look forward to celebrating as it marks the end of summer, the start of fall, all in preparation for the Christmas holiday season. Perhaps that explains why about 70% of Americans plan ahead on how to celebrate Halloween every year. You probably have a lot of plans for this spooky season, but if organizing a memorable Halloween party is on your list, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Consider your Halloween party theme


Every Halloween party deserves a theme to go with because that sets the tone for the festivity. You may want to include the Fairy-tale, Horror, Pumpkin, or Ghostly costume theme. There are several themes to choose from, but the onus lies on you to decide. Remember, the theme you go for should match every other activity for the festivity.

  • Put ideas on paper


After choosing your theme, the next thing to do is to put your ideas on paper. It is the planning stage of the celebrations, and it helps create a mental picture of what items to grab from the store. You do not want to get confused when you are purchasing wares to bring your party to fruition. For example, plan the kinds of games to play, prizes, food, movies to watch, décor, etc.

  • Create your invitation list


Who do you want to attend your Halloween party? Just like any other party, you do not want strangers to crash it. By doing this, you have an idea of the number of guests to expect, the space needed, and enough food and drinks to go around. Moreover, if you are working with a specific theme, your invitation list will help you limit the number of costume clashes. Remember that as the host, any flop will lie squarely on your shoulders.

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  • Consider food and drinks ideas


Halloween food recipes can be found on the internet, in books, and in magazines. Try out the new recipe before the party or outsource to a catering team to avoid any mishaps. Make sure your dishes are just as spooky as your party to make the experience more memorable for your guests. When it comes to drinks, set out various exquisite yet “Halloweeny” cocktails like a bloody Mojito or lillet blanc cocktails. Did you know Lillet blanc is a French wine made from Bordeaux grapes? Cocktails made from this wine are characteristically bright and add colour to any festive occasion, especially a Halloween theme party. They still make a good fit for any other theme you choose. 


You can never really go wrong with a Halloween party as long as you stick to the spooky theme with an amazing ambiance and even more amazing company. It is a time when many people, including adults, relive their childhood and bond with friends and family. What you make of it is an opportunity to lay claim to bragging rights as the best Halloween party host in your neighborhood or family.


*Please practice safe guideline measures in your area, I know we all want normality and you may not be able to have a get together or allow your kids to trick – or – treat. If this post is a trigger for you I apologize and it was only made in the spirit of Halloween. You can always apply these steps (minus the guest list) with family members already in your household.


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