blogger-image-902054771What is your New Year’s Resolution?
This year I plan to be forgiving, fearless, positive and appreciative.

2013 has brought me wisdom, heartache, many headaches and  more love than I could ever imagine. I wouldn’t change a thing. I have learned that people make many mistakes and can be extremely selfish at times but we are all human and if you can admit your mistakes and realize your selfish actions you can be forgiven and your worth will not be defined by those misguided actions.

I am a very reserved person and it may come across as being “stuck up” but those of you who truly know me and know how guarded I am. “Girls” can be cruel and conniving. Just like any bad relationship you learn to always expect the worst but hope for the best. On that note I am trying to be a little more open and forgiving this New Year.

2014 will be more social media interactions, blogging, IG, Twitter and hopefully Youtube Videos ( i have failed many times to shoot these lol im just not good at it at all)
Tips on my facial routines and of course specials on the Micro Needle collagen induction therapy. I do not like to wear much make up but I will keep you updated on my faves.
Workout routine I am seriously obsessed with I do want to share with you with Illustrations also so that will take some time.

I will answer each and every comment and suggestion you darlings have so don’t be shy.
until next time